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Our Vision

Triangle of Life

The Triangle of Life is an approach to life balancing Happiness, Health and Love.

Cascades into a greater general wellbeing, this holistic approach to life is the foundation of Lanopearl’s business philosophy and unique corporate culture. With this concept always in mind, we constantly strive to achieve innovative and technological breakthroughs and product excellence to kindle difference to our consumers lives no matter how small.

‘Happiness’, ‘Health’ and ‘Love’, these 3 words are widely used. However, how well do we actually know these 3 words and what they truly mean to us?



It’s human nature to want happiness and to be afraid of pain and grief. The question is…


What is Real Happiness?


The desire for happiness has no meaning without understanding the true nature of happiness. Many people consider sensual pleasure as happiness and their efforts are directed towards achieving this state. To this group of people, happiness means searching for pleasures for the senses. The question ‘what is happiness?’ does not arise in their hearts, because in their hearts they treat a life full of sensory joys as a happy life.

To others, happiness does not lie in objects or enjoyment, rather sprouts from within their imagination. Happiness means ease and the complete lack of restlessness. There are many forms of ‘happiness’, and we each find happiness in our own unique way, however the deeper answer relates to the experience of the soul itself.

The first step is to ponder over the fundamentals of life. Conversely, we should remember that the real experience of the soul is achieved by the absence of pondering over the fundamentals of life!

There are many ideas and opinions as to what constitutes Good Health



There are many ideas and opinions as to what constitutes Good Health, or what a meaningful, healthy lifestyle feels or looks like. It could be said that health should be a ‘natural condition’, or at least a consistent state of well-being. But the question arises:


What is considered ‘natural condition‘?


Trying to push our limits mentally or physically does not achieve good health. going to the gym when you’re exhausted id definitely not good for your health! In our modern culture, perhaps it’s time for us to look at what this instinctive, natural knowledge of good health is all about. This knowledge probably includes simple things like: sunshine, pure water, sleeping at sunset, relying on wholesome foods from nature, spending time outdoors and being physically active. Encompassing all these factors, a definition of this knowledge culminates into your own personal understanding of a ‘natural condition’.



There are many forms of love.

‘Passionate love’ involves continuously thinking about a loved one and involves warm sexual feelings and powerful emotional reactions.

‘Companion love’ is having trusting and tender feelings for someone who is close to you.


Love is the quiet understanding and mature acceptance of imperfection.


Many opinions have been formed on this thing called love! It is real, it gives you strength and grows beyond you – to bolster your loved one. You are warmed by their presence, even when they are away. Distance does not separate you. Love also means trust. You are calm, secure and unthreatened. They feel your trust which in turn makes them even more trustworthy. Love is an upper. It makes you feel whole. It completes the circle. It fills the empty space in your heart. Love is elevating. It lifts you up. It makes you think positively and makes you a better person than you were before. If you have love in your life it can make up for a great many things you don’t have. If there is no love in your life, you will find your life has a lot less meaning.