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Lanopearl proudly donates a percentage of profit to charity and non-profit organisations annually:

The charities we donate to set out to:

  1. Support AIDs and Cancer research and awareness
  2. Improve Health education
  3. Preserve the environment by reducing global warming supporting processes


AIDS and cancer

Lanopearl aims to raise awareness of HIV infection and the chance of developing cancer, especially breast and skin cancer and supports the funding of research and medical prevention. We also facilitate consumer education workshops for non-profit organisations on topics such as how to prevent the formation of cancer, how to do simple self-health checks such as breast examination and how to adequately protect skin from the sun.


Health Education

Lanopearl aims to provide education to people about simple yet vital self-health checks and travel information in relation to infectious disease. Additionally, customers can click through to discover health and beauty tips for maintaining vitality at any age, whilst internally, Lanopearl encourages staff to pursue short vocational courses on health and beauty subjects that pique their interest.


Global Warming

Lanopearl strives to increase public awareness about the huge impact of global warming. We also support the funding of scientific research into preserving the environment from climate change. Closer to home, Lanopearl takes a grass-roots approach by having a day-off annually to plant trees in the Blue Mountains and educate staff about global warming so they can take action and incorporate preventative measures into their day-to-day lives.