7 Differences |


7 Differences

Lanopearl’s 7 differences


1. High Quality & Money Back Guarantee

  • Lanopearl produces Certified Organic products
  • GMP, Halal (Muslim), TGA standard
  • 100% Money-Back guarantee (14 days)


2. Market Leader in Placenta Range Products

  • Pioneer of unique formula since 1995 (Perfect balance of water and oil base)
  • Exports to over 15 countries around the world
  • Over 5,000,000 jars of placenta products sold


3. Specialists in high herbal extracts skincare

  • Bio Peak is the highest herbal content skincare range in the world
  • Herbal extracts imported from famous supplier in Switzerland


4. Over 150 products from 5 brands to choose between

  • Total health, beauty and wellbeing solutions
  • Largest range of placenta products
  • Impressive range of aromatherapy products


5. Established market distribution channel

  • Major airports in Australia
  • Over 150 outlets within Australia
  • Distributed in the Malls Department Store, Thailand
  • Seven Eleven Boots and over 600 chemists in Thailand
  • Over 50 different distributors in countries around the world


6. Lanopearl – we grow with you

  • Fast & friendly service, flexible to suit your need
  • We help you to grow when you start to supply our products
  • Shelving, brochures, catalogues and free samples available
  • We advertise in major Chinese, Thai, Korean & Indonesian newspapers


7. Donation 1% of Lanopearl Net Profit

  • To AIDs and cancer patients
  • To support health education
  • To reduce global warming


Lanopearl beautiful life – beautiful giving.