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Pisan Chowvalit co-operated with Delta Laboratory Pty Ltd to develop a new Placenta cream, dubbed “Placenta Duo Portion 93′ ” for the tourist market in Australia.


Pisan Chowvalit and Brett Ernest Mcdowell establish ‘San Wholesale Service Pty Ltd Trading’ as ‘SWS Duty Free’ in Kings Cross, Sydney, which supplies souvenirs, health and beauty products to the Asian tourist market.

The ‘Rebirth Skincare’ Brand is launched, positioning the brand as a: ‘Leading Placenta Expert’.


Partnership with Moody Ko commences, and SWS Duty Free, Chinatown branch is established.


The ‘Lanopearl’ brand is launched and positioned as a ‘premium & natural skincare solution’.


The ‘Life Spring Vitamins’ brand is created and exported to Select Best Life, Thailand.


Distribution channel has officially expanded into every state of Australia. Hooray!


An Expansion of SWS Duty Free & Life Spring Duty Free reaches 6 branches throughout Sydney in addition to becoming one of the largest distributors to target the Asian tourist market.

A warm welcome is provided to His Majesty, The Crown Prince of Thailand comes to visit our SWS Duty Free at Chinatown branch.

The 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, provides a catalyst to rapidly increase profits and sales by 50%.


Exports commence to Singapore (Rebirth Marketing Singapore), Indonesia, and Philippines.

The ‘Life Spring’ Franchise in Thailand is established, whereby over 15 branches in Thailand operate today!


Pisan received a Business Award from the Prince of Songkla University, Thailand. Lanopearl Blue Mountains Research Centre is established in the Blue Mountains region.


Lanopearl Australia signs a contract with a Korean distributor; LKJ Pty Ltd.


Lanopearl Thailand works with ‘The Malls’ department store to open a flagship counter in Thailand.


Lanopearl Australia upgrades factory production capacity to 5,000-10,000 units/day.

TV advertisements begin through direct-to-home shopping promotions in Thailand.


Lanopearl Australia officially introduces the first iteration of our online shop at: www.lanopearl.com.au.


Lanopearl exports to over 15 countries in Asia, with export growth reaching over 50%.


Lanopearl signs contracts for distribution rights with Japan, Myanmar, Laos, and Korea.


Lanopearl launches online ordering for wholesale customers www.lanopearlwholesale.com.

Lanopearl launches online ordering for export customers www.lanopearlexport.com.


Lanopearl becomes a member of ‘Australian Made’ and proudly displays their logo.

Lanopearl signs contracts with India, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Oman, Iraq, Iran, Qatar and Pakistan.

Pisan Chowvalit receives Business Award from Prince of Songkla University, Thailand.