Pigmentation |



The colour of your skin is determined by melanin. Levels of melanin depend on genetics and sunlight exposure, whilst skin pigmentation results from the body producing either too much or too little melanin which creates blotchy or uneven skin tone. Many people have pigmentation bought on by hormonal changes and sunlight exposure.

There are a few ways to treat pigmentation:

– Skincare products that contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) help to exfoliate the upper most layer of the skin.
– Skincare products that contain ingredients that inhibit melanin production include kojic aid, arbution (found in bearberry, mulberry, and cranberry extracts) and vitamin A (Retinol) . Some of these ingredients are available under prescription cream only which need to be taken with precaution.

The best thing you can do to avoid  pigmentation is to wear a high SPF broad spectrum sunscreen everyday and reapply it regularly. You may also benefit from antioxidants especially vitamin C and vitamin E which help to fight against the damaging effects of sun exposure.