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Under eye bags

Dark circles and under eye bags can be hereditary (due to poor vitamin and mineral absorption) as well as permanent symptoms associated with stress, poor diet, lack of sleep and allergies. Some DIY treatments to help minimise eye bags and dark circles include:

– Apply cool tea bags, or cucumber slices to your eyes daily. The tannin in tea bags have been shown to reduce swelling and discolouration, whilst cucumber slices reduce puffiness, refresh the eyes and minimise the appearance of dark circles. Lie down in the morning, and leave fresh cucumber slices or cool, damped tea bags (you can put them in the fridge overnight so they will be ready) over your eyes for about 15 minutes. Keep your eyes closed.

– Dark circles and under eye bags can be treated by simply using an eye cream that contains vitamin K as it helps to drain puffy areas and stimulate microcirculation around the eyes. Vitamin k is also found in leafy green vegetables, dairy products and meats such as pork and liver.