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Organic factory

The Lanopearl factory proudly utilises products from the Australian Certified Organic (ACO). The ACO is one of the most recognised Australian certifiers of organic products within Australia. Every Lanopearl product that receives ACO accreditation will have the ACO logo (also known as the ‘bud logo’) on the packaging. The logo is well recognised within Australia, and increasingly within areas such as Asia, Europe and the US.

The organic market is growing rapidly, as such it is very important to give consumers information to help them make educated choices. Therefore, having the ACO logo on packaging can help consumers distinguish between an authentic certified organic product and non-organic products which may mislead consumers to believe otherwise.

Lanopearl is proud of the fact that not only do our products have ACO accreditation, but the Lanopearl factory also has passed the Certified Organic standards, which includes the handling of organic raw materials, as well as manufacturing practices and product formulation specifications to assure every aspect of our product manufacturing is in accordance with Australian Certified Organic standards.