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Acne prone skin

Herbal help for acne

If you have acne you’ve probably tried all the over the counter products and maybe even the prescription products on the market. Perhaps they don’t work for you or they irritate your skin and dry it out? Thankfully there are other options! Herbal treatments and nutritional supplements can help with acne, either applied directly to the skin or taken orally.

Zinc supplements work well. Using 50 milligrams a day, twice daily. You can find Zinc supplements at the grocery store or pharmacy in the aisle with other vitamins and mineral supplements. Royal jelly or propolis also act as supplements that may assist your skin look younger and healthier.

Herbs that work wonders at clearing up acne include: Oregon Grape Root applied as a cream, Tea Tree oil applied directly to the skin, Oregano and Basil oil applied either directly to the skin or taken orally.

Always take care when using any new products including prescription medication or other topical acne treatments as they make cause skin irritation. Check with your dermatologist before commencing any herbal treatments to ensure they are compatible with any medication you are already using.